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    I figured it out! Thanks for your help. I used that manual config setup you posted before but didn't notice that the password had the number one and lower case Ls that look almost identical until I zoomed in and saw the one's had a slanted top serif!! Ugh!!

    Ok, so I'm new to all this but I managed to get LibreELEC running on a Pi4. I'd like to install a VPN. I went with ExpressVPN. My issue is the only instructions they will point me to involve installing their app on the pi. I cant get to the Pi to install it because LibreELEC and Kodi start on boot up.

    I tired going to the OpenVPN route and VPN Manager. Got them installed in Kodi but I cant get the ExpressVPN to connect because its looking for key/certificates and I can't figure out where to get them.

    Any ideas? No one can seem to figure this out in various other groups. Thanks!!