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    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some recommendations as I would like to buy a new box and run LibreElec on it. Currently using the OSMC vero 4k I'm not happy with that box's stability and some flaws in the remote (lack of power off/on capability).

    Here are some of the criterias that matters for me, with some preference indications.

    Must : controllable via a remote with poweroff/on capability. Possibility to add 2 DVB tuners. 4k with vpu/gpu. Cpu powerfull enough for full hd decoding

    Should have : looking for a system as open as possible. Open source GPU driver.

    Nice to have : fully open source board without any proprietary firmware

    Not needed : wifi / bluetooth

    If any one has recommendations matching these criterias, it would be really nice and appreciated that you share your insights.

    Best regards,