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    Carey I would immediately point Ameridroid to this forum on your issues. They're probably going to say it's a Power supply. I don't know. If it's possible to send it back for testing. Could be bad Memory / Flash . Damn electronics. Bad batch in their stock they should know about it. Sorry i can't help further. At least the board looks identical to mine. Except that one number.

    hi mates, here the same case with LE but harder because I am not able to run on kodi leia gui more than 3 steps.. or any step... hard to start LE, lots of reboots about kernel panic, locked cpu2, for instance...

    I flash and replace files from 2018.10.02 to the kwiboo build 2019.05.12.07 as Carey has done and I achieve to start kodi 18 beta gui, after a reboot with reset button, because first boot has failed...

    I bought the rock64 4gb ram with the pine store power supply 3000mah, in november 2018, and it have never worked fine, neither minimal OS debian /ubuntu nor dietpi... I think I still could do a claim to pine64 store, dont it? We buy 2 rock64 on the same order, my rock64 is a disaster, and the other one it just works to give a domestic vpn connection.. but sometimes my friend has some hangs and automatical system reboot with ubuntu bionic.

    I just wanted to know how to do a claim. I received an emmc 16gb module to make the last try the make my rock64 full working but no results..

    I would like somebody to guide me if possible, to explain my claim to pine64 store. first order with the 2 rock64 and others, I paid by PayPal, the last emmc module with credit card. here a pic of my board,


    thanks in advance.