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    lease take a spare SD card, flash the latest nightly (no update) on it and replace the device tree with the with this one:…bzl2NgnAgXdUVYUJezmP6fPfo , where I increased that clock:

    I have a NanoPi M4. can you send me the dbt file for the M4 please?

    Current output:

    cat /sys/kernel/debug/clk/clk_summary | grep dmac
    aclk_dmac1_perilp       0        1        0   100000000          0     0  50000
    aclk_dmac0_perilp       1        2        0   100000000          0     0  50000

    one another note.. since a few weeks ago audio has stopped working completly.. GUI sounds are no longer heard and the only way i have found to get audio working is to do "pulseaudio --start" as soon as i play the same audio file/s again, audio is working.. i have rebooted and also confirm that pulseaudio service is running using "ps aux | grep pulseaudio"


    396 root 0:04 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --system --disallow-exit --exit-idle-time=-1 --disable-shm --enable-memfd --realtime

    its strange.. i remember the day it happened.. GUI audio sounds were popping and cracking.. when played video file during the movie audio died.. since then.. this is the only way i found to fix it.. I also upgraded to LibreELEC (official): 9.95.2 (RK3399.arm).. and issue is still there..

    The LE10 add on binary (as-is) will not run on 9.x due to glibc library changes and others. It is possible that Snapcast current could be backported - though 9.x is in a maintenance state, I would suggest that the functionality changes be built and committed to LE10, then raise a request for the backport. Alternatively - compile the current and update the local copy.

    Are you planning on staying with Kodi 18/LE9 or planning on upgrading?

    I am planning to go to LE10 as soon as its available on Pi3.

    Ill let you know how i get along. Thanks for all the help! been really good.

    strings.po looks like this:

    netstat -ant | grep LISTEN

    does not seem to be binding on port 1780

    Hello, thanks for the reply.. So to my knowledge the snapserver addon seems to be a light version (no full config file) - again to my knowledge. So if there is a way i can edit the addon config where can i find this file. the normal snapserver.conf is in /etc/snserver.conf, but this file does not exist in libreelec as its an addon.. Sorry if i am not explaining properly.

    Currently port 1704/1704 are open. i would like to enable 1780 http JSon RPC so that i can install snapweb on my server.. this will allow me to control all my snapclients via web interface instead of CLI

    Hello is there any plan to enable this feature in Snapserver?

    ok, so it looked like the librespot addon was causing the issue...

    once i disabled this, scanning still took a while but GUI was more responsive.

    Hello, anyone else having issues with scrapping and building library on 9.95.1? Also general GUI seems to freeze often when opening menus etc. not sure if this is due to kodi building my library or not.

    its running on Nanopi-m4

    Hello, I have a random question. MY current setup is Two Pi's, one running snapserver, and other running snapclient. All works perfectly! The snapserver is not connected to a TV/Screen as i just use if for music for my outdoor area. In the add-on settings we have three sinks/streams - Airplay, Spotify, Kodi/default. now i have set my default sink/stream to be spotify as this is what i mainly use. but if i want to airplay something from my phone to snapserver i need to set the add-on to stream this rather than Spotify. Is there a way i can trigger snapserver to change the stream without having to connect the pi to a display?

    Thanks again for the amazing development here!!!

    Hello, I am currently running librespot (version below) and the end result is that i would like play librespot through the audio jack on my pi, and also i would like to pipe this audio to snapserver. the only way i manage to do this is install snapclient also on the same pi to play the audio, but this is a little choppy. as everything run on the same box, i was wondering how i can do this?

    Thanks for the great work!!