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    Hello, I have a random question. MY current setup is Two Pi's, one running snapserver, and other running snapclient. All works perfectly! The snapserver is not connected to a TV/Screen as i just use if for music for my outdoor area. In the add-on settings we have three sinks/streams - Airplay, Spotify, Kodi/default. now i have set my default sink/stream to be spotify as this is what i mainly use. but if i want to airplay something from my phone to snapserver i need to set the add-on to stream this rather than Spotify. Is there a way i can trigger snapserver to change the stream without having to connect the pi to a display?

    Thanks again for the amazing development here!!!

    Hello, I am currently running librespot (version below) and the end result is that i would like play librespot through the audio jack on my pi, and also i would like to pipe this audio to snapserver. the only way i manage to do this is install snapclient also on the same pi to play the audio, but this is a little choppy. as everything run on the same box, i was wondering how i can do this?

    Thanks for the great work!!

    Hello Thanks for the great work.

    For some reason Librespot is not playing on any of my snapclients.. I have test all clients using mopidy server and they do work.. So its not my snapclients..

    My snapserver seems to be working as i see when i start it, my clients receive data..

    Librespot works as i can use it to stream music from my phone to libreelec.. It seems that (after digging) Librespot is not piping audio to the sink file...

    snapclient log:

    snapserver log:

    Please let me know if you need any further logs etc.

    Hello, Maybe this has been covered already.. But for some reason i cannot login anymore using my github account.. has this feature been disabled?