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    Are you talking with subs or without? I don't have audio problems any more (pass-through or not) since V 9.2.1 without(!) subtitles. AAC or AC3?
    Even with subtitles, "algorithmdirtyregions and smartredraw"seemed to worked, but frame drops appeared out of thin air a few days ago.

    I didn’t try algorithmdirtyregions yet, but I’m getting this without subs. I have 1080p23.976 and 24hz whitelisted. The files have DTS/DTSHD. I’ll try update my build, auto update won’t work for 9.2.1.

    so last night I watched an old copy of dark knight, was hitting 100% cpu all cores. No idea why, and was stuttering at random points when the cpu choked.

    now I updated to 9.2.1, and I now have 10-20% cpu usage on this file, but now I’m getting a stutter pretty often and 0 dropped or skipped frames recorded.

    going to try the “algorithmdirtyregions and smartredraw" now.


    Enabling pass through audio appears to fix it with optimised audio channels.

    According to LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2 ALPHA1 with Raspberry Pi 4B Support – LibreELEC, LibreELEC Kodi currently outputs to 1 screen. I'm wondering if it would be theoretically possible to output to both HDMIs ports in mirror configuration. I understand Linux should allow this via command line using xrandr --output HDMI1 --same-as HDMI2. Shouldn't it be able to mirror in LibreELEC as well? Can any LibreELEC devs answer this?

    If you're wondering why would anyone want this, this might allow people to forgo buying a HDMI splitter (for example, to connect to a soundbar with HDMI 1.4 and a 4KTV with HDMI 2.0)

    Yeah I raised a feature request for this for this exact reason.

    I have the same scenario(4K TV, 1080p AVR). And tested it.

    Connecting HDMI_0 to AVR and HDMI_1 to LG OLED only outputs audio and video to HDMI_0. HDMI_1 has no signal.

    The Rpi 4 has dual HDMI outputs.

    Currently only HDMI_0 is initialised for audio and video.

    It would be good to be able to send Video down HDMI_0 and Audio down HDMI_1.

    This helps in scenarios where the TV is 4K, but the AVR is 1080p, and you still want to send PCM or DTS HD (or other lossless audio) to an AVR (which RPI 4 hardware has support for).