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    Are you sure that you're using image for Pine64+? In the past, people mixed up Pine64 and Pine64+ images...

    Thanks, the CEC problem now is fixed. I'm sure that I flashed the proper image. I don't exactly know what eth nic is connected; with "ifconfig -a" I see that the mac address start with 02:BA:A0 ; with that mac address I can't find any information about the producer. But to me doesn't seems a Realtek mac address.

    If I give the command "ethtool eth0" it says to me:

    Cannot get device settings: Device or resource busy

    Cannot get wake-on-lan settings: Device or resource busy

    Cannot get message level: Device or resource busy

    Cannot get link status: Device or resource busy

    No data available

    Anyway I previously installed Debian official and Armbian, and the eth0 nic worked properly.

    it's not a problem to continue to use the usb adapter; I'm just guessing, but I read on the web that some other people have the same problem, and they said that was related with the new linux kernel. Obviously I don't know if I have the same problem.

    Now I successfully installed Libreelec on my pine64 a64+. Given my very painful experiences with other OSes, I think that this is much much more better.

    I come from my PI2, and the Pine64+ is much more faster. The only problems I have found, is that the eth isn't working; or It's very very slow when It tries to connect on internet. I can ping any IP and domain name; on my LAN it works properly, but for example It can't download any addon updates because It's very slow and than goes into some error.I fixed this problem by using an usb eth adapter.

    The second problem It occurred to me is that every time I shutdown my tv, or I switch the tv source, libreelec crashes completely. In order to avoid this problem I'm forced to stop the kodi.service unit, from ssh, before shutting down my tv. Of course, when I want to use it again, i have to start the kodi.service. I'm using termux on my phone, so It's a very easy task.

    I took a quick look on kodi log, dmesg and journalctl, but I didn't found anything useful. But I'm not an expert..

    Once again, thank you for this OS. I was near to throw away my A64+, at least as a mediacenter, but now I'm happy to use It.


    Hi to all :)

    I would try this build on my Pine64 A64+ but I think that the image available is corrupted. Even the sha file is empty and it's not possible to check the integrity. If I try to gunzip it, I receive an error. Even 7zip detect some archive error. Is it possible to download some previous image somewhere?

    Another thing a bit OT, does someone know how I could install the proprietary GPU driver on official Debian buster for Pine64+?

    Anyway thank you so much for this awesome OS.