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    After the reinstall and set up, I scanned all movies and TV programs on my NAS and all was working well on the HD screen. Shutdown and powered off and on and it started up fine. Shutdown and powered off again and swapped to the 4K screen and I'm pleased to say it started up fine.

    I can stream a 4K movie from my NAS and it plays perfectly. The Pi did reboot when I tried to jump forwards in the movie but I can live with that in alpha software.

    Very pleased with the outcome.

    I decided to plug a second monitor into my Pi 4 to see what LibraELEC looked like on a 4K monitor. It looked great as it started up but then said KODI was running in safe mode due to multiple crashes at start up. I switched off, unplugged the 4K monitor and rebooted back to the previous monitor but KODI again started up in safe mode.

    I've flashed the SD card again and KODI started up fine and it's now scanning my NAS for Movies.

    I've uploaded the log and crash log if anyone wants to see them.

    I'm not sure if the crash was due to using 2 monitors or having 1 4K and 1 HD monitor or if it was unrelated. I'd previous been scanning my NAS for TV programs and that took ages so not sure if I'd have had the crash anyway as a result of the really long scan.

    When I've scanned movies, I'll reboot and see if it starts up ok. Then scan TV programs and reboot again.

    I bought my first ever Raspbery Pi this week (arrived yesterday). Love it but was disappointed that no matter what I did I got dropped frames from HD videos when played with VLC. I installed KODI and same thing. Tried various tweaks, tried playing back from SD Card, USB hard drive and via wired ethernet to my NAS. Nothing would work properly.

    I then saw mention of LibraELEC. Installed it and it works perfectly so far. Well done guys. Great job and I'm sure it will get better with each update.