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    I'm getting the same thing on 9.95.1.

    It seems like it's trying to reach out to:


    which doesn't exist yet.

    There is a 9.80.8 though. Don't suppose anyone knows an easy way to have it point at that just to test out?

    Edit: Just in case anybody is stuck and slow like me, you can go to the individual packages, download and install them from this link:

    thoradia/9.80.8 at 9.80.8 · thoradia/thoradia · GitHub

    I just needed jacket, medusa and radarr so I installed them independently along with the dependencies and they seem ok so far.

    Would it be possible to get a link to a thread or some info about the audio problem?

    I've been getting complaints that my Asrock-J3455 based htpc seems to be playing videos with some of the 5.1 channels missing until it gets a restart (of course it never happens when I'm there to check it out :) ) I'm wondering if this bug might be behind it.


    It's very likely I've done something to cause this, but I notice that after my system auto updated to deluge 2.0.2 (now 2.0.3) both couch potato and medusa are failing to send torrents to deluge. For medusa I was able to switch to webui method and it's ok, but couchpotato doesn't have that option so It's still failing.

    I've tried removing and reinstalling couchpotato from the repository but that hasn't solved it.

    Any ideas?

    Couchpotato log from an attempted add below: