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    I don't have a solution for you...
    If I remember that right, the round M8 is almost the same hardware as Orbsmart S82, Tronsmart S89, Beelink S82 ... but isn't the square M8 a different one? Maybe the build is incompatible with that device?

    On the index page for M8 s802, there three files, a :img : tar : zip. Going from OpenElec to LibreElec can one put the tar in the update folder and reboot? Also unzipping the zip there are two files; the factory and the upgrade did not see the recovery.img, is this not needed to be able to use the toothpick SDCard method to flash?

    It depends ... If you have installed a recent build of OpenELEC you can put the tar in the update folder.
    But i think it is generally advisable to start with a full install. So unzip the zip file to the root of an sdcard and start the device with the toothpic method, LibreELEC is then installed to the NAND of the device.

    Hi there,

    I own an Orbsmart S82, which is identically to Tronsmart Vega S89 or Beelink S82. I would like to bring Libreelec to it. But I don't have much experience in building device projects for OE/LE. But with some help from the community (and some lessons in building a device project) I am sure that we could work that out. Is there some interest in supporting S802 devices? I would contribute it to LE if we get it to work.


    Hi Drieschel!

    I registered to say Thank You for this great release! I also have an Orbsmart S82 and installed the Everything works except the few things you mentioned in your release post!

    During the configuration of the WLAN the device rebooted one or two times, but it finally did what it should. So I'm not sure whether there is a small problem or not...

    But here is an issue:
    UPNP isn't working properly. As a client it doesn't recognize UPNP/DLNA servers in the local network.
    I stumbled on it, when trying to add a music source from a "upnp device". Even giving the upnp-ID explicitly does not solve it - the server is still not seen by the S82 device.

    I use 2 other clients in my network (Kodi 17alpha on Windows, Kodi 16.1 on Android), both do recognize the server. That's why I think it's not a Kodi issue.
    It is probably an issue in the LibreELEC build.