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    I can confirm this issue with some restrictions/additions for both 9.0 and 9.2 on Raspberry Pi 3B+ :

    • This only happens for me when playing 1080p x265 Video (SW decoded). Overclocked to 1350Hz with a small 5V fan running.
    • I can switch to Analog or HDMI output and that works flawlessly. Using Bluetooth again needs reboot.
    • Libreelec Settings Plugin reports that there are no Bluetooth adapters available even after turning Bluetooth off and on again.

    Could this be related to power issues causing the onboard bluetooth device to malfunction?

    When using specifically a Samsung LevelBox Bluetooth speaker (Model EO SG900) this event causes the device to crash as well (has to be restarted and plays no shutdown chime). Other Bluetooth devices need no reboot so the speaker plays no active role in this. Could be a hint that the Pi sends some malformed packages in the end though?

    Here are regular log:


    and crash log:


    I have tried to restart bluetoothd (systemctl restart bluetoothd) via ssh without success. I have also tried restarting kodi without success. This is what I get with systemctl status bluetoothd after restarting the service (Failed to set mode: Failed (0x03))


    Can I provide anything else?

    I can confirm this for LibreELEC 9.0.2 for RPi2 running on a Raspberry Pi 3 B with an HDMI screen connected.

    I have tested Mr.Boom Version producing the following debug log starting with the keypress for launching the game:

    I would like to provide more useful information but at this point I don't know how. Help (even in producing more meaningful logs) is very much appreciated.