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    Just an update on my HDMI sound problem with the Pine64+ board and my Samsung LE32B550 TV.

    HDMI sound now is possible if I switch the display resolution in Kodi to 1920x1080i. However LibreELEC starts with resolution set to 1920x1080p by default which should be ok according to the provided EDID.

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    Could this be a problem with the clock driver or does my TV provide a malformed EDID?

    After some more tests it turns out that there is obviously an incompatibility between the Pine64+ and my Samsung TV.

    The Pine64+ and HDMI audio works perfectly on another TV and monitor if have tested.

    However the RPi2 and a x86-PC (both also installed with LibreELEC) have no problems to deliver an HDMI audio signal to my Samsung TV.

    jernej Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

    I can also post the EDID logs of all monitors if necessary.

    andre_276 while it's true that mainline kernel doesn't support HDMI audio on any of Allwinner SoC, images here contains support for up to 8 channels linear PCM HDMI audio. This is obviously work in progress, but eventually this work will be included in mainline kernel. You can dig out patches from LE build system if you are interested.


    Got it.

    So in theory this would mean, that this image libreelec-a64.arm-9.1-nightly-20190506-b0a838b-pine64.img.gz should have HDMI audio support for the Pine64+ board, right?

    Anyone else here in the forum who ever tested a Pine64 board successfully and can share his audio configuration?

    Unfortunately I have no other board with an Allwinner SoC at hand that I can test with.


    Buying such an extension board would not make sense, because for the price you can also get a Raspberry Pi 3 which will work out of the box with LibreELEC + Kodi.

    I'm not quite sure about the general support for HDMI Audio with certain Allwinner SoCs in the Linux mainline kernel, but according to this website Linux mainlining effort - there would be no support at the moment.

    In contrast I found on this website #linux-sunxi — irc logs at that there is a chance to have basic HDMI support (probably only 2 channels) which would be fine for now. Polczak also mentioned in his post before that he has basic HDMI audio on his Orange Pi PC Plus board which is equipped with an H3 SoC (ARM Cortex-A7)

    So maybe a developer can give us an update on the current status.


    I would already be happy if I had GUI sounds and also from the Youtube addon :) , but I have no sound at all over HDMI :(.

    The only sound source that is working so far is the analog "sun50i-a64-audio" device via jack cable .

    So currently I've no idea where to start debugging, because I don't no if it is a problem with the Pulseaudio/ALSA audio subsystem or with the Linux kernel itself.

    At least there are two recognized audio devices as I can see from the dmesg output:

    [    2.015242] ALSA device list:
    [    2.015247]   #0: sun50i-a64-audio
    [    2.015251]   #1: allwinner-hdmi

    Hi all,

    I've tested the "LibreELEC-A64.arm-9.1-devel-20190324123655-b764cb6-pine64.img.gz" and "LibreELEC-A64.arm-9.1-nightly-20190501-6f2af43-pine64.img.gz" image with a Pine64+ 2GB board, but so far it's not possible to get any sound over HDMI.

    The audio device is set to "ALSA:allwinner-hdmi, SAM SAMSUNG on HDMI" and passthrough is disabled. The HDMI cable is fine, as it works with another device. I've changed several other audio settings but without success.

    Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?