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    Hello tnds82 ,

    First, I would like to thank you for your effort.

    I might need some help with the configuration (CoreELEC 9.2.0 and 9.2.118 version for PMS) because the server is not visible. From what I know, I have to login on the server as well, but I do not see any option to do that.

    I would like to thanks zomboided for this addon.

    And I have a question, is it possible to configure it in some way in order to connect to a specific server (NordVpn has different types of servers) instead of connecting to a specific country?


    I didn't know where to post my problem since I'm using CoreElec (Odroid N2), but this is the only thread about Thoraradia addons.

    When I want to open Transmission addon I get a message telling me that I have to open the settings. I haven't found a way to fix it.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!