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    Hi folks,

    I updated my TVHeadend system from a Raspberry 2 with Raspbian 8 to a Raspberry Pi 3+ with Raspbian 9 (Stock Kernel 4.14.98).

    While everything worked with the old hardware/software combination, the 4.14.98 kernel has the problem discussed here.

    Of the three possibilities mentioned above, I tried variant 2.

    However, this fails: the newly built module is not loadable.

    The error is: "dvb_usb_v2: Unknown symbol rc_register_device (err -22)".

    However, there is a fourth way, which is quite simple:

    I've updated the kernel to a new version with "rpi-update" - currently this is 4.19.37.

    Now TVHeadend runs stable for some time. The bug discussed here usually occurred after a few minutes. Therefore I assume that this bug is fixed.

    Note: rpi-update does not install kernel headers or resources.

    If you want to build more modules for this kernel, you should note this here:

    Home · notro/rpi-source Wiki · GitHub

    It is enough to get the source with rpi-source and run a "make oldconfig && make prepare" to build the source for the new module.