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    Just to add to my original comment, I believe the video freezes only when playing BD files. It doesn't matter if I choose to play a Blu-Ray via BD menu or through a simplified Kodi menu. It freezes anyway.

    I've tested the latest image (LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.80-nightly-20190622-afccdbc-box-trn9.img.gz) on my R10 RK3328 Android TV box.

    The good things are there's Wi-Fi, audio is good, it plays every file I've tested.

    The bad things: 1) While viewing videos, Android box randomly freezes after a few minutes (sometimes I have to unplug/re-plug it, other times it reboots itself)

    2) 4K Video colors look washed out, pale

    3) Mpeg4 files are choppy, they don't use HW acceleration

    Just to add to my original post, pressing the info button I get this.

    Everything but the menu says this:

    Hardware Decoding: Active

    Decoder: am-h264, unknown

    Deinterlace method: Hardware

    Then once it reaches the BD menu, it's really slow. Pressing the info button I get this:

    Hardware Decoding: Inactive

    Decoder: ff-h264, yuv420p

    Deinterlace method: none

    Is there some fix for this?

    I flashed this LibreELEC 9 version - LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.0.0.img.gz - on my A95X Pro S905W 2GB RAM box. The device tree I used was gxl_p281_2g.dtb.

    Everything seems to work fine. The only difference compared to LibreELEC 8 is that when playing a Blu-Ray Disc, all I get when I reach the main menu with all the options, all I see is text/menu options and there's black screen behind it. I don't see the image or video playing in the background of the menu. And if I'm not quick enough with my selection, the menu will freeze and the only thing I can do is unplug and replug the box to have it work again.

    LibreELEC 8 (Kodi 17.6) doesn't have that problem. Well, the problem since Kodi 17 is the fact that BD menus don't use hardware acceleration so they're kind of slow to navigate through, but at least it doesn't freeze up the system. :)

    I also get the same issue on both CoreELEC and AlexELEC.

    Can this issue be fixed?

    Hey, guys.

    Just last night, for the first time ever I tried LibreELEC out on my Android Amlogic S905W box and it works really, really good. A lot of the issues that were present on my Android system are gone now.

    The only problem I noticed I still have is that BD Menus on my Blu-Ray discs are really slow and laggy because for some reason HW acceleration is not used on the menus. (This problem is also present on Android Kodi)

    Everything else on the Blu-Ray disc has HW acceleration except the menus. Can this be fixed or is there something in the LibreELEC options I am not aware of?