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    If it started after a Chrome update it's probably related to Chrome. So I guess we have to wait for a bugfix then.

    Chrome just updated and tearing is still present (particularly the top third of both windowed and full screen video playback). Could anybody else who is on an Intel integrated GPU check this video in Chrome and see if they experience screen tearing?:

    Is anybody else getting screen tearing during video playback in Chrome?

    I've been running RR-20190404-1cc7fad on an Asus Chromebox (Haswell Celeron 2955u model with integrated Intel graphics) with no issues, but after a recent Chrome update, video playback started to display horrible tearing (best exhibited by opening this YouTube tearing test: YouTube. This same YouTube video doesn't tear in the YouTube Kodi add-on and neither do any videos I playback directly in Kodi or the Plex addon).

    I updated to RR-20190423-716b9f8 and this made no difference at all. I also tried creating a custom xorg.conf in the ~/.config directory with the following settings:

    This didn't make a difference. I also tried this xorg.conf:

    1. Section "Device"
    2. Identifier "Intel Graphics"
    3. Driver "intel"
    4. Option "AccelMethod" "sna"
    5. Option "TearFree" "true"
    6. EndSection

    as detailed here: Tearing Intel Xorg but again no dice.

    Maybe something in Chrome has changed recently?

    Debug log file here: