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    Trying to install LibreElec 9.0.2 on a new Intel N4100 mini PC which uses a 64GB MMC for internal storage.

    When I get to the LibreElec install menu and choose install I receive the message 'No Devices Found'

    I tried to use G-Parted on a bootable USB with the intention of going in and nuking/remaking the partition, but I see a lot of errors when G-Parted tries to mount the drive, many errors saying "error -84 whilst initializing mmc card". If I use Hirens boot USB and choose any of the partition managers there, they have no problem seeing the storage and interacting with it however I like. I tried deleting and remaking the partition with those tools but still no luck with the LibreElec installer.

    Seems the installer/linux is unable to interact with the hardware itself rather than the way the partition is structured/formatted.

    How can I fix this??

    This may be the answer. Kodi 18.2 was released on April 22nd and they have fixed the microstutter problem on Intel platforms with interlaced content.. Specifically they call out "VAAPI on Intel has gained some corrections for interlaced content that toggled interlaced flags during playback, and therefore caused stutter by reconfiguring the decoder." I personally am looking forward to the next release of LibreElec with this fix. LibreElec updates generally follow Kodi releases by a short period of time. BTW, I am seeing the same issue on an Intel NUC 8i7BEH.

    Maybe but none of my content is interlaced

    I have created my file and placed it in /storage/.kodi/userdata/

    I'm trying to just start a recurring slideshow using the contents of my picture folder in the default location...

    SyntaxEditor Code Snippet


    I'm assuming I have my pathing wrong, but can't work it out. On restart Kodi does nothing

    I'm testing out LibreELEC right now, having some video stuttering issues.

    Gemini Lake N4100

    UHD 600 Graphics

    4GB DDR4 at 2133mhz

    HDMI 2.0a

    LibreELEC 9.0.1/Kodi 18.1

    Playback of 1080p videos on my 4k display over HDMI is stuttering. I have my display rate switching enabled and match display enabled, but it still seems to be struggling. Even if I force my display down to 1080p, I'm still seeing staggering in panning shots.

    I know 4k is a little high end, but that's the display I'm stuck with and I am only trying to play 1080p content.

    Is there anything I can do to get this playing smoothly?

    Any help deeply appreciated.