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    • Is there a way to make Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows (v1) or Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 (v2) works with LibreElec ?

    I would like to know this too. I have the v1 adapter, and although it shows up with lsusb, I can't connect the controller to it. After a lot of searching, I can't find any way to get it to work. People suggest bluetooth, but they also say it can be laggy, and given that mine is the v1, as far as I can tell, that means the controller doesn't have bluetooth anyway? My xbox 360 controller just worked out of the box with its dongle (like the first one in the OP). I've upgraded, and moved to libreelec from xbmcbuntu (Gotham, I think), and one of the things I like best is that so much of it is just plug and play rather than messing around with hacky workarounds. It would be great if this could be the case with the xbox one controller too. :)