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    I'm sorry but i have just realize that you had the same question as mine and i will really appreciate if you can help me to solve my problem with multiple providers credentials!

    how did you made this possible??

    Did you put all the different files in one "user defined" folder and after this, you renamed all the other files : (certificate , ca;cert;key;etc..) with different name for each provider??

    do you also have to edit or modify the .ovpn file??

    Sorry for my poor english but i'm not fluent in this language.8)

    first , i'd like to thanks and congratulate Zomboided who made this addon available for us.

    i've installed it and it's working perfectly with my vpn provider (which is not on the provider's list).

    I'm using the "user defined" way to make this work.

    My probem is the following:

    unfortunately i just can use one provider (with all the files included in one folder and make import wizard to upload it).

    i'm trying to add some more providers because each one had a different password and a different username to connect and other files are also different( .opvn files and certificates).

    But i did'nt find any solution to add more than one provider.

    I have read the wiki but did not find the same case.

    If someone can help me resolve this , it will be fine.

    thanks for your help.