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    At X8HP = As I recall, in the Kodi 18 Final version I set the IP address manually on the LAN in the libreelec settings and this version 18 kept the IP address but changed the MAC address after restart or shutdown.

    And as I wrote in version 18.2, Wi-Fi keeps both IP and MAC and can be permanently reserved in the router.

    Versions 18.1 and 18.2 on LAN with DHCP do not hold IP or MAC and cannot be reserved on the router.

    I'll try to help with X8HP:)

    If fixed IP = "fixed" on 18.2, I am tempted to install to internal.

    This will probably be due to the fact that version 18.1 didn't have a fixed IP on the LAN. I think it couldn't be set manually either in libreelec fixed IP and after both restart and shutdown it came back to DHCP with the new IP including MAC. Of course, it was not possible to book in the router. As far as I can remember, in version 18 I set IP manually on the LAN in libreelec and this version kept the IP address but changed the MAC address after restart or shutdown. Every time I wanted to reserve an IP address in the router at 18.1, the IP including MAC was changed.

    And as I wrote in the 18.2 version, Wi-Fi holds both IP and MAC and can be permanently booked in the router. I want to write that if it is OK in version 18.2 on Wi-Fi and not on LAN, so probably not the problem with us.

    I'm not talking about static IP on the LAN, I'm trying to give feedback on x8h +, with DHCP, IP reservation including MAC permanently on LAN.

    My connection is a 200/50 optic with dynamic IP no problem otherwise.

    I'm not a networker, but if you can't fix it on x8h + then I'll try to set up a static IP for minix in the router.

    I'm also sorry for worse English I just try to describe the problem on x8h +.

    Thank you for your understanding

    Hi, first of all, thank you for supporting the old minix.
    I have an X8-H Plus clean install of X8H_PLUS_LOLLIPOP_RC2_NEWBOOT and ROOT from the minix website.


    LE9-Kodi 18.2 clean installation on sd card using Rufus v3.5 and most things work great.
    Wi-Fi with DHCP (IP reservation in router) works 2.4/5Ghz and holds fixed IP address including MAC after shutdown and restart. Everything works great on Wi-Fi. IP reservation does not work on LAN with DHCP, does not hold IP address or MAC, just opposite Wi-Fi. Everything else I need works fine.

    Thank you very much for any repair:thumbup: