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    and the x8hp.. LibreELEC-X8-H_Plus.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.1.img

    next : kodi 18.2

    Hi darth,

    Many thanks again!

    My feedback: x8hp boot normally and I can see the usb dvb drivers, but doesn't include my usb tuner. I have the Xbox tuner. My guess is that this build includes the standard usb dvb drivers from 3.10 kernel, but my tuner only was included on kernel 4.16. To make it available on kernel 3.10 usually is needed to build the V4L drivers. Crazy Cat drivers also include this tuner.

    The patches for this tuner are:

    Anyway, many thanks for your effort and patience!

    Wilfred lcmg

    can you test this one : LibreELEC-X8-X8H.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.1.img

    it runs the same dvb drivers as the 17.6 image (no kodi addon) so test it like the way you use the 17.6 image


    I've tried to test this version but can't boot.

    I tried, 2 different SD cards that work before and use 3 different methods to burn the SD card on 2 different OS (windows and linux).

    Error is:

    "Filesystem corruption has been detected!


    Thanks for all your effort!



    First of all many thanks datrh for this great work and build! I follow it since the minix forum times and is time to try to participate actively.

    My experience: I have a x8h-p (gen1) with finless rom on internal (installed to allow power off) and I'm running libreelec 18.1 on SD card

    - Fixed IP: working on Ethernet (I don't used wifi, is disconnected)

    - Full Power off: working since I installed finless room.

    - I can also say that I run Netflix addon at 720p with acceptable quality,

    If you need any info from my system just let me know.

    In summary, the room is working great for me!

    What would be even greater:

    - DVB drivers addon, I know is being worked :)

    - Docker addon - I think this is more difficult due to Kernel 3.10. Not sure if is possible to build kernel with Docker needed parameters activated (I've tried for other OS for minix with kernel 3.10, but not succeeded till now). I can't remember if on 17.6 version Docker is working. Can someone with this version confirm?

    Again this are just plus, not complains! many thanks!