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    Doesn't sound like an sd-card problem, the 511MB is right...

    In the absence of kszaq - who'll probably give you the right answer - is it possible libreelec is running with a blank screen? Might be worth ruling that out - it's a long shot but...
    Try sticking

    or '\\192.168.x.xx' (with the ackshewal IP of your box, obviously) in the windows explorer address bar on a pc. Anything?

    I can try that, BUT how long do I have to wait with holding the reset button after plugging in the power?

    Is 15, 30, 60, ... seconds?

    Just to check... what exactly do you have in the root of your sd card?
    From the install guide:

    I used win32diskimager, but the result should be the same.

    Alright, I just went through the whole procedure:

    First, I formatted the SD card to Fat32 with 16 kb (standard) block size.

    After that I went into Rufus and formatted the SD again just to be sure and closed Rufus.

    I started Rufus again and dragged the img.gz file over it.

    After the procedure the card has only 511 mb as size and there are those files, that have been mentioned in the post.

    Then I turn off the box, insert the SD, click the reset switch, hold it, give power, wait ... for over two minutes blank screen, but LEDs of the box are there (blue) and of the Ethernet cable, as well.

    I would try another microsd card. Possible idea, wipe the card completely, then format to FAT32? before using rufus, thinking about it, rufus gives you the option to format the sd card before writing the image.

    I do not have another one right now, but maybe tomorrow there is another one coming.

    Still I would be wondering, if there is something wrong. The card is new and the formatting works through without any problem, even the files are there.

    Alright, I used a ballpoint mine and found the clicking.

    Still no screen. I put power off, inserted microSD with
    the adapter, clicked the reset and hold it, turned power
    back on, still holded the pencil and waited over a minute
    for the screen with the logo to appear, but nothing ... :\

    The card I have treated with Rufus and I dragged/dropped
    the newest img.gz into it (Rufus). The formatting went
    well, I guess.

    Hi guys,

    First I want to thank you for your help up to now.

    I have received the MXQ Pro and the SD card today.

    Well, I have no toothpick at home and I am afraid
    to use a thin screwdriver, because it goes really deep
    into that AV hole (I hope, this is the right reset hole)
    and I do not want to break something.

    So, I decided to try the recovery method, meaning
    to boot into Android first, BUT the screen on the TV
    stays black.

    Some guys in other forums wrote, you have to change
    the resolution on the box. How is that even doable
    without a screen?

    Is there a way to connect to that box with an app or
    so, if I know the IP?

    Hi guys,

    I bought a MXQ PRO OTT TV Box to exchange one of my
    Raspberry Pis with Xbian, because I needed/wanted the
    support of small HEVC files in my Kodi database.

    Now, some guys told me, I should not use the existing
    Android system, but a Libreelec build, which is why I came
    here right now.

    Up to now I have not done anything with it and I just need
    to have the OS and Kodi running. The box is still in its original

    I guess, I just need a MicroSD (-X) and ethernet access to
    my network.

    Is there a simple/straight-forward tutorial what to do now
    for getting the OS and Kodi running on that box?