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    I have just tested an image for the H3 (OrangePi Pc+), it is working with sound and video on the same AVR the PineH64 does not. The best, i can run speaker-test up to 8 channels pcm with 192kHz S32_LE! That is awesome, hope these patches will make it to mainline (could not find them on an Armbian Image build yesterday)

    Here is the output:

    Here is the Output connected to the AVR (The output of HDMI analog) :

    The other available out put "HDMI allwinner":

    On both settings neither sound nor video.

    I have tested the H6 image on my Pineh64 A. Connected directly to my monitor, i have a picture, recorded dvb-s

    -streams are running smooth in full-hd (1080p). My Monitor does not have speakers, but connected via hdmi to my AVR i do not have sound or picture.

    librelec is booting i could connect via ssh to the system.