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    LibreELEC installed easily via USB, and I think it would be a great little box if I could get the wifi going.

    does anyone know if there's a fix (or something other than the generic build that would work), it just doesn't look like it's detecting the wifi chip at all.

    it's a RTL8723BS chipset if that's any help?

    I got it installed on a MK808B Plus as well, but it seems like it's just too low spec to be useful, the wifi is connecting, but it's really bad on it. :(

    I have the cheapest i3 NUC (the 1.5Ghz first gen one with the red top), 4gb ram and a 120gb ssd and it flies, but like you say they're not cheap, even the older ones now.

    i got it with a plan on if it worked out i was going to make a little lab server farm for VMware with a few of the i7 ones, but never got round to it in the end, so i've been using the nuc with win7, win8 and now win10 and it's an awesome little box, particularly as we don't have tv reception where i am and it'a australia, so i'm loathe to pay through the nose for foxtel. even with my crappy 5Mbps broadband, it's still okay for most streaming, although it is struggling with some newer H.265 content at 1080p, and as I was thinking of moving exclusively to H.265 going forward, I need something that can manage decoding of 1080p content in that format.

    I haven't tried LibreELEC yet on it, but I've used OpenELEC on the original Raspberry Pi and an Acer Revo and I've been playing with XBMC since the old days when you had to mod an original Xbox to run it on. I actually thnk I still have one somewhere! :D

    It will be interesting to see how much of a difference it makes to the box not having the Windows OS overhead to worry about and if it will mean it's powerful enough for 1080p H.265 content.

    It will also mean that I'll have a half decent excuse to add a CEC adapter to the NUC and ditch my mele f10 pro air mouse and just use the one from the TV to control everything. :)