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    figured by writing the wetek play 2 img.gz on the stick instead of the box version. what i suspect is that the box thought that the sdcard contains the exact same system, why would i boot from sdcard. but that doesn't sound very real.. anyway this way i could boot from sdcard, could wget the correct img file, and could run emmctool w libreelec11.img.gz and it's all good now. thanks for your hard work keep it up!


    Just use the "box" image and run from SD card.

    i made the same mistake some others. i didn't use libreelec usb creator (it was not explicitly said in wetek play 2 page) modified uEnv.ini and all, but i couldn't resize my tiny / or /storage partition. now i try to boot again from sd card built with libreelec usb creator, but it won't. it just keeps on booting to the nand running "wrong" system. is there a file i can put somewhere to force the box to boot from sdcard?



    i understand you can install a zip file to nand downloaded from WeTek Play 2 – LibreELEC by pushing the bottom button.

    But how to install the latest .img.gz downloaded from WeTek Play 2 – LibreELEC to nand?

    Or first zip, then put the latter to the upgrade folder?

    I'm only trying/asking because upgrading via this method (and doing a libreelec reset) didn't work very well, as in the system is instable, shattering, hardware acceleration must be turned off otherwise blank screen etc. Which seems like a bad upgrade.

    My third thought is - which i haven't tried yet - is that the download/wetek-play-2 zip contains kodi 18.1. is that so?

    thanks so much

    (now i'm on factory android weplay fully upgraded to the latest version)