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    I have installed in the emmc the image with the wifi fix (which works great by the way) with the dd command, then I restored a backup with all my custom settings and everything works perfectly, I notice faster than in sd but the ir remote control is not going well.

    I have configured the ir remote control of xbox 360 and over sd goes perfect ,but not now.

    I have done the tests in ssh and recognizes all the buttons but in kodi only one button works and leaves me hanging opiplus2e.

    Anybody have any idea what might be going on?

    Hi jernej , I just received an opi plus 2e and I want it to work on a monitor with dvi input. I had an opi pc connected to this monitor with libreelec 7 and I had to modify the script.bin to make it work. Now with your new images I don't know how to do it. By hdmi, on a tv works correctly.


    I'm sorry, it was my mistake with the cable. This message can be ignored.

    Hello I have an orangepi-pc and I've been following the thread since the beginning, now I have libreelec 6 and I'm doing very well but I want to try 9.1 and see that the script.bin is not used now, I need to modify the video input manually because it goes through the dvi port and does not detect it automatically. What should I modify now to select it manually?