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    hey, just registered here to say I think I have the same issue reported here.

    im totally new to libreelec,

    I have an intel NUC which has been running open elec 8.x for years, has been really stable and no issues with performance however having seen its no longer updated and has potential security issues I thought it best to update and found libreelec..

    so first i tried the upgrade but found performance issues as soon as im playing videos, its like a pc with the wrong graphics driver installed, stuttery and slightly slow...

    so i wiped the nuc and did a fresh install with the latest libreelec, but once again, really stuttery and not enjoyable video playback, im probably going to look at going back to an older build until this is fixed, but just thought id add a +1 to this post and would love to see if there is any solution.