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    I tried to compile LE master branch for BananaPi M2 Zero, which also is a 512MB board, should be very similar. u-boot didn't work, so I downgraded u-boot to the latest version used in Armbian instead, and applied all patches that Armbian uses. (And then I removed most of the ones that didn't relate to my device, many with *nanopi* in their name.) And that worked very well. I now have a LibreELEC image that boots fine, with lima graphics. If you want, I can upload my changes. Adding nanopi-related u-boot patches from Armbian to my changes should be trivial.

    By the way, problem for me was that video playback doesn't seem to work. (I also tried with libmali, but then I got unaccelerated video playback.) I synced with master yesterday, so maybe a new build will fix that as well. Anyway, please share your experiences, would love to hear how another *unsupported* 512MB H3 device fares.

    i have a RPI4B but it Was broken 2 day ago :(

    i want to use my previous board (nano pi m1) :/

    can you help me?

    can you clone libreElec repo (9.2.1 kodi18.6) in github and fix u-boot error?

    i can test it and write down the result

    thank you PJBrs

    if we want the last release of LibreElec (9.2.1) that use kodi 18.6 where we find?

    i tried to compile it but u-boot error

    i want it for NanoPi M1

    Thank you very much :)


    Please read previous post. OrangePi Lite is not supported anymore due to insufficient amount of RAM (less than 1 GiB). Even if I would help you with building the image, you would experience crashes (mentioned by other users, I never tested it myself).

    i have an nano pi m1 board and there was not any image file for it...!

    i use the LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.1-devel-20190321182613-2411a9e-orangepi_lite.img (i downloaded it in 12 hours ago but don't exist it in server now :))

    when i use orange pi lite image file it work on my board (i didn't fully test it and i only played a movie and a mp3 file! and it worked)

    i don't want to have a full media center!

    i only want to use LibreElec for another project and i want to change kodi and create a new program for another purpose (but i need to play movie and music) so i want to understand how it compile and how it work!

    and maybe i will change my nanopi m1 device in future! (it's not important witch board! but i only have nanopi m1 now and i have to work with this :( so i should test my program with nanopi m1)

    but now i need to learn how compile LibreElec for a board (Preferred OrangePI Lite)

    do you can Introduce some site for my purpose? or explain it yourself?

    thank you :)