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    Hi guys,

    I've been mucking around with various versions of Kodi, and XBMC back in the day and on different media players over the years, ATV1 with CrystalHD, RPi1, and Intel NUC so have been in the weeds a bit with this sort of thing and assumed I'd have no issue making the change to an Amlogic device. I bought the S912 H96 Pro+ (Plus) 3G/32G 1G Ethernet as I wanted to be able to watch 4K HEVC encoded movies, and the faster CPU means better GUI performance and hopefully a bit of future proofing. I've since read there are other issues with S912, and the S905's seem to be more reliable. Anyway, this is what I have for now.

    I've run into an issue at the first hurdle of booting up. I can't even get the device to boot off the SD Card. I just get a black screen (monitor does not detect a signal) when I power up using the toothpick method and I see no logos or anything at all.

    The SD Card is a 32GB Sandisk Ultra which I've been using for general movie storage on my Android tablet without issue. I did read somewhere that Sandisk isn't ideal, so I've already ordered a 64gb Samsung Evo+ SD Card just to be sure. Unfortunately I don't have any other microSD card to try for now.

    I have tried LE versions 8.2.4 SubtitlesFF up to the latest 8.2.5 Chroma 422 10bit, I've used the LE flash too, Rufus v3.4 and USB Image Tool v 1.7. Tried with the DTB's of gxm_201_3g_1gbit.dtb,gxm_201_3g.dtb, gxm_200_3g.dtb, and q912_otg.dtb that someone posted, also tried with no DTB as someone suggested under the kszaq thread. Each time I copied the dtb file to the root of the SD card and renamed it to "dtb.img".

    Can't for the life of me figure it out. If I take the SD Card out, the toothpick method gets me to the recovery boot menu as expected so I know the button is working, and I can boot up to the normal Android OS without issue as well. If I install the SD Card into the device with Android booted, it will detect the card and I can browse the file system, so I know that the SD Card is readable by the device. I've then tried from an "su" command line to "reboot update" but that doesn't work either, seems to power off the device altogether.

    I've searched this thread and people seem to have been able to get the H96 Pro+ (Plus) to run LE, but no one with the same issue I have after trying all that, most people have found a solution.

    What else should I try?

    Kudos to wrxtasy/kszaq and other devs for all the hard work they put into these builds for the community to use.

    Thanks in advance!