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    I am a new proud owner of an Odroid C2 and was so looking forward to use libreelec on it instead of my old raspberrys.


    I installed LE 9.0.1 and have issues when I playpack video material, no matter if it is via live tv (DVB-C dongle via TVheadend Addon) or a stream from Addons such as Magentasport (legal!) or my NAS.

    What happens is that the video starts fine, but after a couple of minutes the videostream slows down, like slow motion, while the audio keeps up the normal speed. This goes on for a couple of minutes then the stream seems to sort of reset and and audio and video are both running again at the same speed and in sync. While watching TV it now happens that the audio at some point drops alltogether, so far the only way to get it back is to switch channels.

    Right now this is my main issue (apart from a couple of other minor issues like ambilight not working on certain video playback, CEC not waking up the Odroid)

    Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

    Thanks to all in advance!