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    Google says that _p212_2g_tx3mini.dtb is not found.

    I just ordered this box and received it a couple of days ago. Someone suggested it was a good streaming device and that it would be simple to load LE on it but al contraire. I tried native software that comes with the device but while the video streaming seemed OK, it would not even page through a JPG library from an attached thumb drive. So I am hoping I can install LE on it.

    From what I understand I need a USB stick to put a SD card in and then load something on the SD card. I looked at the really neat utility provided here to build the SD card but then nothing about a Mecool M8S PRO W is listed. So once I figure this out, I need to remove the board bottom and what, solder a push button switch to these two terminals I assume? Is that correct? I see a smaller white circled small rectangle below in addition to illustrated place which contains the larger rectangle that includes the two pads. Does the smaller box white line rectangle below the large have a significance in this process or is that print on the board? Anyway to write this out in a step by step process plus a link to the required file and what I need to do with that dtb file? Thanks!