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    kardano, have you resolved your problem? If you use dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac, it will be recognized as an analog audio device, so you aren't able to change sampling rate frequency nor do "audio passthrough".

    I second you should try what Iridium suggested.

    Please kindly share your result, I am eyeing the same board, but if it cannot be recognized as a digital audio device, it's a pass.



    Thanks robmcc83 and Mario77

    Followed the above retroarch and ES installation guide, I've managed to play my favorite beat'em up arcade game the "Warriors of Fate" using my very modest Rpi3A+. Not completely without issues but solvable with a little more tinkering.

    1. won't work with the cutting edge mihouse testbuild, am using the latest stable build

    2. won't work with external USB audio (no Chord Mojo), pi HDMI audio output is fine

    3. joypad button mapping could be tricky, my first time had got the center playstation button (Dualshock 4) mapped as START. so every time I want to play I bounced off back to the retroarch interface. My recommendation is to map the button A to X, button B to O, button X to SQUARE and button Y to TRIANGLE if you using playstation's joypad. Objective : X is always the action button and O is always the back button.

    4. for mame game, the rom directory name is "mame", tried "arcade" but won't work

    So far so good. Thank you again for your knowledge sharing.

    I am a long term Libreelec user just moved from x86 to rpi 3A+ for electricity efficiency.

    Am on latest stable version LE 9.0.1 and found Flac files gapless audio playback not working.

    Tried to switch the output configuration between Best Match and Optimized but results are the same.

    Files served from old router attached HDD using SMB1 protocol.

    USB audio direct connection to Chord Mojo.

    Please kindly advise.

    Best regards,