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    I use LE 7 (newest stable), I use the preview version I quoted in my first post, I tried the default mixer and PCM, I tried to reduce the volume and it works but everytime I must set it again. The vpn problem is not really a problem anymore, the script connects after a longer time again.
    In the next few days I hear again and decide wheter its a problem or not. The overmodulation is not so heavy so its difficult to hear.

    Hello riverside70,

    Thank you for your feedback
    The quality of the sound depends on your hardware and on the software (spotify-connect-web).
    As for the problem caused by the VPN, a log would help (make sure to remove your credentials before you share it).

    I installed spotify connect before on the musicbox OS, the sound was ok. But now on Libreelec I have problems with the sound, and tried several settings in the addon. I use my pi over an AV Receiver with hdmi.

    I don't know but I think the sound is a bit overmodulated? Also I have a problem when I start/stop my vpn, spotify connect breaks and doesn't come back up.