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    Thanks datrh, X8 Plus 100% good now with 18.1, Great job!

    Network toggle switches stay on after reboot and shutdown test.


    2nd report: now this is weird

    Watched a couple a movies and used "Power Off System" in the Power menu and the Box reboots instead of shutting down ... ??? (like wtf)

    Tried the Custom shutdown timer also and the same happened, no shutdown but it reboots again .. Remote power button same thing... it reboots. So only way is to pull the power plug out of the wall to shutdown the box.

    Am I the only one...?.. , if so I will do a fresh install of "X8H.arm-9.1-devel-20190305214802-782f78e"

    Went back to 18 and power off works again. I must be getting old LOL

    did you upgrade from 18 to 18.1 or .. . burn 18.1 on the SD and install ?

    Did you "installtointernal" ? if you boot with SD-card, your SD-card prob. didnt get burned proper. I've done a X8 Plus, a X8h Plus and a U1 and all are working great. On the X8 boxes I use just the internal memory(speeds them up), so the boxes still boot into android.

    Thank you for your support.

    In the LE Menu - Wired Networks, I wouldnt know where in Kodi one could control Lan or Wan. Every boot or shutdown > LE program settings the Wired Networks switch is switched off when box is turned back on. So I can turn it ON, I get LAN and the next reboot it toggles it to OFF again. Once turned back on(box) I have to use the slider to turn Wired Networks back on.

    btw. was my method of updating the proper way ? seems everything else started up without error's and after turning the Wired Networks switch back on all worked well.

    Got a question as I am a total Noob with LE so far, my Minix X8 Plus I had installed "X8-X8H.arm-9.0-devel-20190202105130-8798984" Final version and using internal memory for data. Thanks to kszaq's "howTo"

    That all works great. Today I decided to update it to "X8-X8H.arm-9.1-devel-20190221083437-627c12a" so I copied the .tar file to .Updates with FTP and rebooted.

    It updated fine, but I noticed that Network switch = off, so turned it back on but after shutdown or reboot it toggles it back off!

    So I just stuck 18.0 in the Update Folder and rolled back to that.

    Dont get me wrong the 18.1 version worked great just the Network Switch got me spooked ....

    Did I Update the wrong way where I am using internal memory or is there a glitch in the 18.1 version?

    Great work you do datrh, I remeber you from the old Minix Forum but never messed with LibreELEC.

    Minix X8 Plus working great 100%. True shutdown, removal of powerplug not needed as box button starts it right back up!

    Not the X8h-Plus, need the yank the power plug on that one to power it back up. But all works well.

    Minix U1 was a peace a cake, USB stick or SD-card both work very fast. And you know USB stick's can be slow and this one is a cheap one.

    Just wanna thank you for all your work and time you put into this very nice project.

    Oh and btw. all 3 boxes have Finless Lollipop ROM's on them so that worked fine!