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    All ok with 18.2, update and fresh install all works well. Mac is still random but fixed IP works once again.

    For people with freeze up at start/stop I run Kodi System setting at 50 hz. and dont have any freeze or hanging. All still play's very smooth!

    And in my case also, Refresh Rate = off and no whitelist as it seems to do that automatic.

    Great job once again and thank you datrh :-)

    Minix X8h-Plus = Flashed with: "X8H_PLUS_LOLLIPOP_RC2_NEWBOOT.img" Startup takes a while so please be patient!!!

    Before I flashed, I tried the 17.6 versions, 1st one Booted=(libreelec-x8-h_series.arm-8.2rc-kodi_17.6-final.img.gz) and worked 100%.

    After that I cleaned the "Cache" partition. Flashed and gonna test latest 18.1 right now.

    More info soon.


    UPDATE > (I did have to patch the bootloader again!)

    Minix X8h-Plus to a Sony Bravia KDL-32W705B Resolution = 1920x1080. Fixed IP works good.!!!

    Now for stability, Refresh rate on/off white-list used / not used = freeze up on all. Tried setting the resolution setting in Kodi to 24hz/24fps, hangs!

    Tried the 60hz/blah, also hangs. Now here we go again, setting the Kodi Refresh rate to 50.00 hz(1920x1080) 50hz, Refresh rate > Off, Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec > ON and no longer crashes on Stop / Pause and fast foreward etc. Pretty weird but it seems to like the 50hz. Same on my X8 Plus that is hooked up to a benq monitor.

    But I am super glad that the Custom firmware you made 4 the X8h-Plus works like a spear. True shutdown and no more yanking the plug LOL

    Thank again for all your time you are puttung into this

    oh ja. I do get a Minix LOGO when the thing boots, so dun know where the black screen story came from :-)

    Using latest "LibreELEC-X8-X8H.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.1 > PC Monitor 1920/1080 - 50/60 hz. , am I the only on that that kodi freezes up at stop/ end of program or movie with Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec > ON ? When I turn it off there are no hangups but quality is not as good. Adjust refresh rate tried off / Start-stop / always , tried them all. Whitelist active and not active. It might be cause I got a 22" monitor(HDMI) behind it.

    Not complaining but wondering if I missed a setting as triks quated above "Don’t forget to enable resolution switch" ...



    When I drop the monitor resolution in Kodi settings to 1920x1080 50hz, Refresh rate > Off, Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec > ON,

    all is fine. No longer lockups!

    Thanx again datrh for all your work and info.

    Testing your "LibreELEC-X8-H_Series.arm-8.2RC-kodi_17.6-final.img.gz" on the X8 Plus with Finless 5.1 firmware(Probox ex2). Works very good and again true shutdown(0 watt). My question is about the Kodi power menu: "Boot from internal(boot to andoid)" just boots the thing back to the SD-card.

    Is that because it's the finless bootloader instead of the Minix one?

    Tried it also with Super Favorites > command and used: "System.ExecWait("/usr/sbin/rebootfromnand" but it dont react to that.

    <item id="xx">
    <label>Reboot from internal</label>

    Dont work either, I searched through the forum and could not find someone with a finless rom that could provide any info on that.

    I agree datrh take some time out! You're doing a great job for all of us with our "antique boxes" :-)

    By any chance do you still have the links to:

    LibreELEC-X8-X8H.arm-9.1-devel-20190221083437-627c12a.img.gz and

    LibreELEC-X8-X8H.arm-9.1-devel-20190221083437-627c12a.tar ?

    Firmware = Finless lollipop rom 1-0 for the X8h(it works fine on the x8 Plus) , dont know if I can post the link here but I am sure that you know to find it if needed. True Power off = with the kodi power menu or remote control(original) I can shut the box down. So there is no standby or sleep. To turn the box back on I just punch the button on the box and voila it start back up. No need to remove power-plug at any time!

    Using your test "LibreELEC-X8-X8H.arm-9.1-devel-20190310183315-782f78e.img" to USB-stick right now and it works Great, Cant get it to crash and I throw anything against it! Cant wait for a final version as it play's stuf very smooth.

    On the "X8-X8H.arm-9.0-devel-20190202105130-8798984" I hads to turn off hardware accel. as it would hang sometimes.

    btw. the box is NOT rooted, took that out.

    Ok fresh install(X8 Plus) with Kodi 18.1 "X8-X8H.arm-9.1-devel-20190305214802-782f78e.img.gz" and the Power off System again Reboots instead of shutting down. So with either Upgrade or fresh install, the Power off system reboots(no shutdown).

    X8-X8H.arm-9.0-devel-20190202105130-8798984.img.gz works flawless, true shutdown(checked with a wattage meter = 0 watts)

    So I guess I will go back to X8-X8H.arm-9.0-devel-20190202105130-8798984 again and wait for a fix.

    Btw can you start the minix using the remote only?

    With the x8-h if i shutdown the minix, i need to remove the power plug and put it back again.

    And i cannot start it from the remote.

    No Start with the remote, I start it up with the power button of the box. (dont need to remove the power plug)

    My X8h-Plus I need to remove the power-cord before it will start up.

    Hey btw. can I just stick the "KERNEL, KERNEL.md5, SYSTEM and SYSTEM.md5" from 18.1 into the Update folder or is that a stupid idea ?