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    after an "update" to, i still have to reinstall the zip-file (of comment 12)to down-grade to ""...

    otherwise ScummVM isn't working at all.

    ... so i have to resist to follow the offer of kodi to update the fixed (from zip) to still broken

    maybe i was too early with trying the LibreELEC repro... today i see that there is a new version

    and it is also comming with automatic add-on update.

    but as you mentioned... the version seems to have the same issue as in the previous version from LE repro.

    EDIT: by using the working add-on from the zip file, i have two of my games those cause Kodi (LibreELEC 9.0.1) to crash.

    Discworld 1 (german) and Monkey Island 3 (german).

    Discworld 2 (german) and Monkey Island 1 & 2 (german) are working.

    diskworld 1 is crashing immediately when starting the game,

    monkey island 3 is crashing after the menu / logo (just after the monkeys fall silent).

    in both cases there is no log from that happening after kodi started.

    vpeter , thank you for recompiling and giving the zip file for RPi2...

    i just tried to reinstall the add-on via LibreELEC repository, but without success (ScummVM still not working).

    1. tried to update the add-on - not able to see if the new code was loaded, because of the version number is in both versions.

    2. tried to deinstall and reinstall the add-on from LibreELEC repository.

    in both cases the add-on was installed successfully, but ScummVM didn't worked.

    but installing the zip file is working...!

    why not changing the version number from to or at least or so, to trigger an automatic update of the add-on in LibreELEC? and with a new version number it is possible to easily distinguish the new version...

    ok, FIXED.

    for some reason it works now. i have no idea, why it is working now and why previously not...

    the only thing i did just before i tried to copy the rule template agein was to put a blank 95-udevil-mount.rules to the location booted and replaces it agein with the original by using "cp /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/95-udevil-mount.rules /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/"...

    anyhow... the main thing is that it is working now and i can adjust the auto-mount behaviur to my needs.

    i saw in your other thread that your USB-HDD has NTFS as filesystem...

    maybe exportfs will complain about something like missing id or so.

    then add ,fsid=<any_unique_id> as last parameter in the bracket of the /etc/exports entry

    and if you do not need to write to the HDD via nfs, then i also would suggest zu make the nfs-export as ro = read only.


    1. #/etc/exports
    2. /media/my-first-hdd *(ro,async,no_subtree_check,root_squash,mp,fsid=1234567890)
    3. /media/my-second-hdd *(ro,async,no_subtree_check,root_squash,mp,fsid=2345678901)

    EDIT: oops, i assumed your server rpi is running raspbian.

    hi zeitalex ,

    i have a PXE-Server project that setup the RPi also to a NFS server.

    i do the following to export e.g. folder /srv/my-nfs-share as rw = read write...

    ... after a reboot, all in /etc/exports should be nfs-exported automatically.

    hi, i just realizd, that the old method to prevent LibreELEC from auto-mounting unwanted partitions does not work anymore.

    in the past LibreELEC (<= 8.x) i could copy the rule template

    1. cp /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/95-udevil-mount.rules /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/

    and adding the filesystem label or id of unwanted partitions, to manage this.

    but now with LibreELEC 9.0.0 i tried the same thing. but this time, as soon the rule template is copied, all my USB-drives are gone (not mounted anymore).

    event when the rule template wasn't touched by me, all the USB drives are not auto mounted, as soon that rule template sitts in that /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/ folder.

    is that method changed with LibeELEC 9.0.0, to prevent auto-mount or is that a bug?

    i am using LibreELEC 9.0.0 on a RPi3B on a SD card with PINN (a feature rich version of NOOBS)

    hello, i have the same issue...

    even when i add *.scummvm files with their correct game id assuggested, those files do not appear in the "file browser" at all.

    i am using LibreELEC 9.0.0 on a RPi3B.

    hello, i'm new here,

    i am using LibreELEC 9.0.0 on my RPi3B. i installed some game-emulator add-ons via:

    Add-ons | Install from repository | LibreELEC Add-ons | Game-add-ons | Emulators | Atari-2600 (Stella), PlayStation (PCSX ReARMed), GCE-Vectrex (vecx), ...


    Add-ons | Install from repository | LibreELEC Add-ons | Game-add-ons | Support add-ons | ScummVM

    but ScummVM i don't get work, also Atari-Stella and some other add-ons do not work on my RPi3B under LibreELEC.

    my question is, who is responsable for those add-ons, who can i ask?

    Kodi or LibreELEC (because those add-ons where listed under "LibreELEC Add-ons")?

    for example:

    in ScummVM i don't know how to start Monkey Island1 (monkey.exe), 2 (monkey2.exe), 3 (course.exe).

    i only get the .exe file in the list to select. when i select the exe file, there is no ScummVM in the list as responsable add-on for that exe file.

    and for atari-2600 (stella), i can select a game file ("my_atari_rom.a26"), i get some sound, but no picture...

    only when i open the menü, i can see the in-game screen dimmed as the background, but when i leave the menu the screen is black again.

    for Vectrex, when i select a game file "my_vectrex_rom.bin", then nothing happens (i don't leave the "file browser", no error message).

    same behavioe, when selecting a playstation disk image "my_psx_disk_image.cue"

    PS.: using Retropie with my RPi3B, those equal emulators works.

    i own only a few games, so a retropie installation is way too much overkill.

    but i only want to use LibreELEC in the future...