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    I have updated to version 122.

    Now playing stops after a track with special character in the name (e.g. Beyoncé)

    Here my log from kodi.log

    My setup: WeTek Play 1, LibreELEC 9.0.1, TVHeadEnd 9.0.118

    My CEC config:

    The problem is:

    When I shutdown the box while TV is playing the TV doesn't go into standby and the LAN LED stays on after shutdown.


    When I stop TV playback before I shutdown the box, the TV goes into standby and the LAN LED switches off.



    this addon works great until a few days.

    The issue is:

    On my Smartphone I can start playing a song over Spotify connect on my RPi2 LibreELEC box with addon LibreSpot.

    But while a song is playing and I select another song on my Smartphone the song doesn't start playing in my LibreELEC box. Instead the previous song starts from beginning again.

    I change nothing on my LibreELEC box and nothing on my Smartphone.

    On my Wetek play box with LibreELEC I have the same issue. On both boxes I have installed LibreELEC 9.0.0 and Librespot 114.

    I also already tried the Librespot Version 115 or 144s. It's the same issue.

    Anybody else with this problem here?