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    I'm trying to get a 10,1" 1280x800 eGalax Inc. USB TouchController working on LE 9.0.0. (Kodi 18)

    At first via the out of the box method.Functionality is there out of the box. Calibration and Geometrie is left to find out. After installing the touchscreen addon from LE, it starts with a never ending working symbol.

    Kodi.log shows values from touch input. There is were I discover that the x and y axis are both swapped and wrong direction, compared to the mouse values on the same spots.

    UL: X1200,Y800 UR: X1200, Y0

    LL: X0,Y800 LR:X0, Y0

    After stopping Kodi (Systemctrl stop kodi) evtest shows the same result (but in a 4096x4096 scale)

    When I edit and ts.conf as proposed in this forum. The calibration addon GUI starts and calibration is possible. Kodi now uses "tslib to uiput deamon" as device. But it just messing up the calibration and NOT changing x y direction or swapping them.

    I'm sure the calibration program is confused about the swapped axises.

    So i'm trying to get the axises swapped in LE with the "out of the box drivers" but without success.

    I tried the "module linear swap_xy=1" in the ts.conf file. but no success.

    Also tried without success to ad file "egalax_swap_xy.conf" in /storage/.config/modprobe.d with code

    options usbtouchscreen swap_xy=1

    anybody who knows if it possible to configure the default touchscreen driver for the axis swap?

    EDIT: Got my eGalax Inc. USB TouchController working now!

    I'm not sure what (or what update) did the trick, but gave it another try with a fresh install of LibreELEC 9.1.501 and Kodi 18.4. and somehow the calibration addon is working now, correctly swapping the axises.

    After fresh install 'Enable mouse and touch screen support' in Kodi System settings.

    Install the Touchscreen addon from kodi. (Version 9.1.901.102)

    Copy the two necessary files 'ts.conf' and '' in folder '/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.touchscreen'

    ts.conf is as ts.conf-generic:

    module_raw input grab_events=1
    module pthres pmin=1
    module variance delta=30
    module dejitter delta=100
    module linear
    # or use swap_xy parameter to swap axes
    #module linear swap_xy=1 as some additions/changes necessary to

    Find out your event# and /dev/fb# as described in post#11 !

    Restart your pi and run de Touchscreen addon. This way it worked for me!