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    ... about the poor efficiency of the cooling system on N2 (costs do not meet the requirements of the result), referring to the fact that at that time I had no sample of N2 (by the way, actual tests have confirmed the correctness of my calculations)....

    I must correct you (as others did many times) ... I'm no fanboy but rather manufacturer & SOC agnostic; always looking for the hardware which suits my needs best. So: just an ordinary user and I still have to say that the N2 cooling / temperature curve is superior to anything else I saw ...

    Comparison; both more or less in some sort of idle mode:

    My RockPi4:

    LibreELEC (official): 8.90.015 (RK3399.arm)

    21:31:56 up 30 min, load average: 1.34, 1.57, 1.41

    78.125 Celsius

    My N2:

    CoreELEC (official): nightly_20190607 (Amlogic-ng.arm)

    21:41:50 up 29 min, load average: 2.28, 2.04, 1.73

    37.500 Celsius

    that's all I have to say ;-)

    a) Poking /sys will work if you figure out the right command (not very helpful advice I know)

    b) Multi-channel audio is in the to-do list, but not the highest priority at the moment

    c) Not at the moment .. the V4L2/GBM code will need to evolve support for VNC

    d) Most likely the TVH add-on currently in the repo doesn't match the minimum version for the Kodi nightly; once 9.0.1 is out this should get resolved

    thanks a lot for the information ... I'm happy that there is support & progress, cause the RockPi4 still seem to be scarcly distributed - but it's really powerful in my opinion!

    Hey there ... I got my new RockPi4 on friday and it's working quite well with the latest nightly build!

    UHD with HDR works GREAT!!!

    The GUI (and I am using Aeon Nox Silvo) is really fast and snappy!

    ... but some questions remain; maybe either of you has got information or an answer in regard of them?!

    • is there the possibility to disable the bright green LED? doing so with and echo of default_off to all 3 LED instances below /sys/... didn't do anything :-o
    • do you know anything of the development status regarding passthrough of dolby-atmos (didn't try dts) ... I just get white noise
    • is there a working VNC Server Addon for RK (like for the AMLs) under the sun
    • I an not able to install TVHeadend Client ... any suggestions 4 that?
    • more to come :)

    Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,