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    There will be no major advantage right now, but over time add-on compatibility will become an issue. I got all changes for a Jarvis release completed in github (everything compiles) but there was a boot issue when I tried it on a box and since then I've either been travelling with work or on vacation so there's been no progress. Sadly it's a low priority vs. everything else here and someone with more time available needs to pick up the challenge.

    OK, thank you. The future-proofing makes sense.

    I'm happily using OE 6.0.1 on my ATV (still in use because of its Component output.) Chewitt, you have my sincere thanks for what has been a rock solid release :-)

    I do have a question for anyone who might know the answer: Given how well 6.0.1 is working, what advantages could Jarvis bring?