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    Installed the system on an orange pi pc and got a few problems.

    The remote is not working. There are 2 remotes, one of them works with Kodi 18 on 905 CPU and the settings (conf) remote I have. Tried manually re-create the console database via shh.

    "Now hold down button "key_power".

    Something went wrong: Cannot decode data

    Please try again. (23 retries left)"

    My TV(Samsung) does not see HDMI-SEC. 905 although on the console it works. Orange can only turn my TV on and off, which is very strange.

    In system settings I did not find the item hdmi-sec.

    The most important thing is why the remote control does not work, it is inconvenient to control the mouse.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I think the best solution will be hdmi to analog adapter like this:

    I've thought about it, but there's a more budget option


    Analog TV out driver is not yet completed, although anyone with some Linux driver skills could use existing but old patches for that functionality.

    To my great regret, I am very unfamiliar with Linux. I found instructions on how to turn on the TV output to Arabian. Here is the reference Настройка ТВ выхода/TV out на Orange Pi PC под Armbian - MicroPi . I don't know if this will work on libreelec. So realistically do or driver need to wait?. How long to wait for the driver?

    Thank you for answering so quickly.

    Hello. I want to connect orange pi pc to the old TV. How to make an analog TV output on this assembly.

    Google Translate. I am Russian-speaking and it is very difficult for me to understand the text on this forum.

    Здравствуйте. Хочу подключить orange pi pc к старому телевизору. Как сделать аналоговый тв выход на данной сборке.

    Я рускоговорящий и мне очень сложно понимать текст на этом форуме.