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    I had problems on LE 9.0 / generic.

    inputstream from LE was a lower version than the one that was in the regular kodi.

    I downloaded inputstream.rtmp from github and build this in ubuntu, the module that came from that I copied to my libreelec install, and afterwards netflix was working as it should.

    so maybe a tip: upgrade your rtmp : GitHub - xbmc/inputstream.rtmp: RTMP input stream add-on for Kodi

    they should both be installed for Netflix to work? I knows only the adaptive the critical

    Hi all,

    I have the same issue as the original thread,
    I am using the latest LE 9.0 on a Generic device and my inputsteam is on version

    Widvine is installed but I still can't play any video from my profile on Netflix.