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    DOES file 02a get deleted? Are there any orphaned files, inside the folders for the OS and application?

    Google only publishes 32-bit libwidevine for Linux/ARM use and even that has to be extracted from a 3GB ChromeOS update image. There is no 64-bit lib that's ever been found, and we haven't ever managed to use the 32-bit lib in 64-bit userspace via compat tools. So we can either build images with 32-bit userspace and facilitatte access to Amazon, Netflix and a number of other DRM oriented streaaming platforms, or we can give a marginally better performing 64-bit userspace without them. As much as DRM sucks balls, it's a fact of life in the world of legal streaming, and we (and Kodi) would prefer to encourage use of legal streaming services than create yet-another obstacle to encourage use of pirate services.

    Your comment is appreciated.

    "Google only publishes 32-bit libwidevine for Linux/ARM use and even that has to be extracted from a 3GB ChromeOS update image."

    This seems like a problem long term, how long until the file isn't available at all? Who is responsible for making a 64bit edition?

    Thanks for hard work - agree with your decisions for sure.

    (Can I get an understanding of what these DRM files do? Allow Kodi to use Amazon Prime as a client / Youtube??)

    Worse.. Its copy paste since first 9.1 ALPHA in June 2019... so the phenomenal rate over last year and my Rpi 4 still suffer from tearing in menu and random crashes :(

    They are working on the graphics driver - it's bigger than the LibreElec team.

    I assure you, I get it - My Pi4 is barely quicker than a Pi3B+ or even my Pi3B (!!!) - the video playback is flawless for me (PHEW!) but the UI? it's a bit clunky for something with 4x the memory, double the CPU and better GPU

    It's not their fault though.

    Thanks for release - seems to have installed fine on my test unit.

    Hey, really dumb question.

    Do the updates always 'clean up' after themselves well?

    Like what if you had Libre 8 and you updated all each individual update file through the line - would the filesystem end up full of junk?

    "In this initial release 1080p playback behaviour and performance on the 4B are broadly on-par with the previous 3B/3B+ model, except for HEVC media which is now hardware decoded and massively improved. New 4K video capabilities still have plenty of rough edges to be smoothed out, but the Pi Foundation developers have been pushing fixes to the test team at a phenomenal rate over the last month and that will continue as the userbase expands."

    I'm pretty sure, that's a copy and paste from a release nearly 6 months ago, isn't it?

    You can't really watch video over vnc even on high..

    Not sure why but with windows it does same only works with low or high quality..not with medium or auto..and android app it s a bit of a pain to use..

    Best is from a windows pc but found out that the mouse was crashing libreelec so best to control menus fron keyboard arrows and disable mouse in LE input settings.

    Something else I noticed is that after few days VNC stops working and can't connect..needs to ssh and reboot for it to start again.

    Just wanna make sure people know this - I'm not dumb enough to even CONSIDER watching video over this (!!)

    This is purely just, so I can administer it and consider designing skin (well, skin customisations, layout changes etc) remotely - I'm not dopey enough to expect that bandwidth over VLC :)

    I'll give Mocha a try tomorrow - thanks guys.