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    Yeah, that's annoying... this line is needed in retroarch.cfg:

    1. framecount_show = "false"

    and you can switch it of manually from retroach: Settings>Onscreen Display>Onscreen Notifications>Display Frame Count>Of

    I just updated same addon version and this is fixed for new installations, but for existing installations it must be made "manually" because retroarch.cfg file is not overwriting, to maintain your custom settings.

    Perfect. Thank you.

    Yes I mean "joypad profiles". In kodi you don't need to config anything... After setting gamepad inputs in retroarch, if it works ok in retroarch menu it should work in games... you can try to enter context menu when in a game and set buttons/keys for that core...

    Thank you. That solved it.

    Do you know how I can get rid of the yellow frame count on the left hand side? (Frames ....)

    did you try downloading retroach autoconfig files from retroarch settings "online updater" menu? also you need to set your player 1/2/3/4... buttons from general input settings not from a context menu of a game, just in case.

    @robmcc83 is not possible... kodi takes a lot of resources and killing it is the way emulators run smooth... Maybe I can talk to IAGL dev and try to find put a solution. For instance, with AEL I save into a variable the section you were and after exiting retroarch and loading kodi again it takes you to that last section...

    Thank you for your answer.

    I did do most of the "update" parts of retroarch menu "Online Updater" (e.g. update assets, joypad profiles, cheats, databases). Do you mean "Update joypad profiles"?

    I didn't configure the controller inside Kodi itself, because they are working without configure them (I guess it the default profile). When I go to "Input -> Configure attached controller -> Controller configuration" I see the Kodi profile of a controller looking like the xbox 360 and I can define the buttons. I went through all the buttons and set them there.

    -> Now the controllers are working inside the game. That was the solution (I guess I didn't run through the KODI controller setup).

    Thank you

    May I ask two last questions: How can I make the yellow message on the left corner "Frame ..." constantly counting upwards disappear?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Mario

    Yes, good point. I forgot to mention that for Emulationstation, I got the menu pop-up to configure my controllers -> I did configure them and the controllers are working in the menu (e.g. I can scroll up and down and also select a game with "A") -> but they don't work "inside" the game


    I'm using LE 8.2.5 together with raspberry pi 3+ and I have downloaded gamestarter zip, added the repo and installed emulationstation and retroarch. The installation was straight forward.

    I tried to follow the instructions from GitHub - bite-your-idols/Gamestarter: Retrogaming kodi add-on repository for LibreELEC

    and put my roms /storage/emulators/roms/ and also configured emulationstation and retroarch under add-on + downloaded

    e.g. SNES under /storage/emulators/roms/snes/

    I'm using XBXO 360 wireless controller together with a USB bluethooth wireless receiver (it's similar to

    When being inside Kodi the xbox 360 controller works fine and I can control it completely with the xbox 360 wireless controller.

    Try to play SNES games:

    Emulationstation: When I start emulationstation it starts fine (load the list of games for SNES) and I can even use the xbox 360 controller to navigate through the list of games, but as soon as I start a game, it shows a yellow message "XBOX 360 wireless controller (1183/...) not configured" and the game does not react to the xbox 360 controller.

    Retroarch: I couldn't control the menu via xbox 360 controller, but after using a USB keyboard, I was able to set the keys for "input 1 player" to use the xbox 360 controller 1 and also my second xbox 360 controller. Afterwards I was able to control the menu with the xbox 360 controllers as well. As soon as I start a game within retroarch I get again the message like in Emulationstation, that the XBOX 360 controller are not configured. (yellow message).

    -> I guess I'm missing the configuration of the controller for the in game and it seems to me, I need to configure the xbox 360 controllers somewhere else to be able to use them inside the games.

    Does someone know where I should configure the controller as well to be able to use them inside games ?

    Thank you very much

    I didn't manage to get it running until now, but I kind of found a solution, which works for me.

    I tried downgrade back from 9.0 to 8.2.5 and it was possible. With the downgrade to 8.2.5 PVR IPTV works again perfect.

    In this case, I will wait for an newer version of PVR IPTV and stay on 8.2.5

    Thank you

    I'm using PVR IPTV simple client with the M3U list provided by my internet provider init7 ( -> tvchannels.m3u

    I'm using libreelec on a raspberry pi 3+ and it worked very well with libreelec 8.2 and the M3U from above.

    Now I have upgraded from 8.2 to 9.0 (Leia).

    Since the upgrade my PVR IPTV is not working anymore. I have kept all the configuration the same (did'nt change the M3U or any other setting).

    I'm using Yatse as my android remote app and I can select a channel and it shows in the app the status playing, but on the screen the "turning blue circle" does not appear ("work in progress/loading") before it goes to full screen and show the TV channel, but it does not change the screen at all.

    I have tried the same with my gamepad and selected a channel. The channel then get's a small "play icon" (blue triangle) on the top right edge of the symbol for the selected channel, but again nothing happens (no "work in progress" circle or full screen").

    I have also tried advice/help provided above to "Clear data" and update the add-on repository to get the newest version of the client, but nothing helped.

    I have also checked the version of PVR IPTV simple and it shows version

    May I ask you, if you have another idea how to fix it?

    Thank you very much