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    Works fine for me with a chromebox with libreelec.

    There seems to be a problem with the latest Harmony software. I have two Asus boxes; one runs the latest alpha, the other runs Milhouse builds. Both worked fine with the Harmony hub. Today I did a clean install on the Milhouse box and the Harmony remote (keyboard) is not recognized. Every other BT device I have pops up immediately -- even my iPhone which has the Harmony app.

    On the Mac, the myHarmony app now longer works -- you can't sign in, and the logitech website is pretty much broken, including the forums. Probably they will get around to fixing this but I'm really glad I have two Chromeboxes. Not holding my breath.

    Are you trying to pair from your cell phone? This can take some time and effort but it should work. When you first posted I thought you should be posting in the logitech forums but recently logitech has completely shredded the forums and now they are useless. No help there. I found that toggling the librelec activity on and off on my phone ultimately worked. Eventually the harmony showed up as discoverable in the libreelec bluetooth settings.

    I have been using Milhouse builds on both my Chromebox and my Pi for sometime. I only use these builds to view videos from my library and I have had zero issues. You get to use the new Kodi default skin (Estuary) and the default EGL driver which generates beautiful colors. The Kodi forums have info on the new skin and the EGL driver.

    I'm running the latest libreElec on my spare Chromebox. What happens if I drop the latest Milhouse generic tar on this box? I am a big Krypton fan but I don't see any point in running another pure OE system.