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    Hello, I updated to LibreElec 9 last week.

    I have it running on my Intel NUC and most of the time i shut it down by pressing the power button.

    With LibreElec 8 this works as expected, the mashine shuts down.

    With LE9 when i press the power button, kodi just opens the menu where you can select shutdown/restart.

    Is it possible to configurate this so the system shuts down when i press the button without prompting?

    The only thing i found is overriding the gui button with the shutdown command but when i press the button in the menu, i want the prompt.

    Also this seems a bit hackish...

    I updated to 9 today and wanted to try the ScummVm Addon.
    First i couldn't find it because for some reason it is under "Support-Addons".
    But anyway, i installed it but now i cannot find a way to start it.
    When i select a .exe file i don't have ScummVm in the selection.

    Do i need some other addon to use ScummVm?