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    Hello everybody,

    i use LE 9.0.1 on a NAnoPC-T4 and use the images of balbes150.

    Now I wanted to access the SBC via VNC. For this I need TigerVNC, which I can't find in LE Repo.

    Am I doing something wrong or is TigerVNC no longer available for LE 9.0.1?



    I am now using a new DTB file:


    I extracted the DTB from the current image and renamed it. Unfortunately this does not solve the 4K problem of MrTiptop yet.

    Thanks to Team Recalbox on GitHub.

    To my problem with the automatic reconnect of WiFi I built with the following script "":

    1. #!/bin/sh
    2. ip link set dev wlan0 down
    3. ip link set dev wlan0 up
    4. iwconfig wlan0 essid myESSID

    and call it in the with

    1. nohup &

    Now my NanoPC-T4 starts without any problem and connects immediately to my ESSID.


    I had a similar problem with my NanoPC-T4 (RK3399).

    During the installation it detects my WiFi and I can connect. After a reboot it seems to have reestablished the connection under Settings->LibreElec, but this is not the case.

    I need to disable the WiFi setting under Network once, then enable it and re-login to my ESSID.

    Then it will work until the next reboot. Therefore I wrote myself a script which does exactly this and start it automatically with

    Hello MrTiptop,

    I will try your tip with the update during the next update from balbes150. Thank you very much.

    To your 4K topic:


    The whitelisting does not allow 4K.


    In my opinion the problem is the DTB file I use and the link I posted. Under /sys/class/drm/card0/card0-HDMI-A-1/modes the resolutions allowed by the system are shown. There 4K is missing, although the NanoPC-T4 can do 4K.

    Therefore I / we have to wait for a new DTB file.


    I downloaded the 4K clip you linked and played it locally, you can find the pictures in the attachments.

    I don't need 4K at the moment, because I play my BDs directly on the 4K TV and a BD player.

    The movies I have on my EMBY server are mostly TV recordings via TVHeadend and have a maximum resolution of FullHD.


    How do you update the existing LibreELEC to the new version without losing everything already installed? I'm still new and want to update but don't want to install everything again.

    Thank you.

    Hi, Mario,

    because I only use two plugins I have always reinstalled LE. When installing EMBY for my EMBY server on the NAS and the TVHeadend client I only need the entry of the IP addresses and my login data. The rest of the configuration is on the EMBY and TVHeadend server in my network.

    Sorry that I can't help you here

    Hello everybody,

    i also own a Nano PC T-4 and use the aarch64 images from balbes150 at

    as well the DTB from above.

    So I can use WiFi, Bluetooth and EMMC.

    Because the WiFi adapter is not always recognized, I have under

    /storage/.config/modules-load.d/ a file bcmdhd.conf created with the following content: UPDATE 20190322

    1. brcmfmac
    2. brcmutil
    3. bcmdhd

    So WiFi starts without delay.