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    Hi Devilkin

    Well that device is certainly not the best these days. Newer higher spec boxes with more memory, dual band WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet port, Bluetooth etc are now availabel and so very very cheap that it is a no brainer not to upgrade.

    However I can suggest with your box that you try a different method to switch your box so it can boot from the SD card or USB stick (recommend SD cards and be aware that USB stick method usually only works from only one of the available USB ports on your device). The toothpick/pin in the reset hole does not work with all devices. So use the Terminal Emulator method as that may well work for you as it usually always does fro most devices. Get hold of the Terminal Emulator APK from say here

    Download Android Terminal Emulator APK 1.0.70 from APK4Fun - APK4Fun and install the downloaded APK file into your Device in Android in the usual way say via a USB stick. With your specially prepped LE KODI bootable SD card in the device's SD card slot run up the newly installed Terminal Emulatot app whilst in Android and in the command screen that pops up simply type the command "reboot update" , that is without the quotes and a single space between the two words. Then be patient and your box should soon boot off the SD card into LibreELEC. No need to repeat this process of course as now your box is configured to always boot from the bootable SD card if it is present, so suggest you leave it in always.

    For your information to return to the default Android firmware then select Boot to Internal from the LibreELEC KODI onscreen shutdown options, and this will simply boot into Android without needing to remove the SD card which will obviouolsy result in wear and tear. Then to return to LibreELEC KODI from the Android home screen you simply hold down the red power button on your remote until the Power Off &/or Restart message appears onscreen, and then hit the remote OK button. This will shut down the box, so simply hit the remote power button again and it will boot back up into LibreELEC KODI, as long as you did not remove the special SD card of course. This certainly works with Android 6 and 7 , but not tested it with earlier versions. Hope that helps.