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    I updated addons. Try again.

    Still not working.

    I have another problems... If I push enter the sound is disabled in kodi if I push again sound is enabled...
    update: After some reboots sound work fine.
    update2 it back..

    after some time If Orange pi is not using (working but TV is swiched to other device) and I trying switch to Orange the screen is black. I hear the sound from Kodi but nothing see. I must restart Orange.


    I reinstall lireelec writing the newest your full image.
    Sounds sometime is muting when I press enter but not all time.

    Plugins works fine.
    I notice if I restart Orange Pi when TV is swiched to other device and next switch TV to orange the screen is black. I must restart orange when the TV is switched to it.

    I tested thi update and the docker start and work. but...

    If I tried hello-world it work perfect

    docker -H run hello-world

    other containers installed via kodi not work (I tested Emby, Portainer and Muximux)

    There are no sound in Kodi after update.

    sorry for dobule posting but I think this is better space for my problem...

    I'm trying to run docker on my Orange Pi PC. I have image for H3 with latest update.

    I installed docker and Portainer via Kodi but the docker don't want start correctly.

    The error which I post earlier is when I try start docker manually.

    Hi all I have poblem when I try start docker:

    Any idea?

    Which image exactly? I rebuild all addons to be compatible with latest update (few days back).

    Besides, I didn't test any addon and I don't use docker at all (on LibreELEC or PC) so I can't really help you with that.

    I have your latest update
    Error when I try run docker manualy:


    docker working on this image?
    I have some error:

    Hello. I want to connect orange pi pc to the old TV. How to make an analog TV output on this assembly.

    Google Translate. I am Russian-speaking and it is very difficult for me to understand the text on this forum.

    Здравствуйте. Хочу подключить orange pi pc к старому телевизору. Как сделать аналоговый тв выход на данной сборке.

    Я рускоговорящий и мне очень сложно понимать текст на этом форуме.

    I think the best solution will be hdmi to analog adapter like this:

    After I build from source code on my Orane pi I have max 1024x768p resolution.

    I used:

    PROJECT=Allwinner DEVICE=H3 UBOOT_SYSTEM=libretech_h3 ARCH=arm make image

    But if I use your image libretech_h3 I have 1920x1080p

    Ok, I think I used official repo not your... I will try again.


    Passthrough doesn't work yet, currently only linear PCM (LPCM) works. So if you can't get EDID to show more than 2 channels for LPCM, it won't work (EDID is source of information for driver to know what audio capabilities TV/AVR has).

    This means my TV support only 2 channels (LPCM) and multichannel Passthrough though HDMI but Passthrough not work in OpenElec..
    Any plans to run Passthrough?