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    Have LibreElec working perfectly here on the M8S pro W... Still left scratching my head slightly as I found myself having to use an s905x dtb for it to work, even though I created a dtb.img specific to the box.

    I have solved it, I installed it all again, but this time I chose the image of Potato that is the only one that is prepared with the LibreELEC welcome image. once recorded in the sd extract the image that goes inside the compressed file and paste it in the root and enjoy.;)

    Good friends, I installed libreelec 8.2 in tvbox mxq, when I turn on the black screen is left and I do not see the welcome screen of libreelec, I only have black screen until the Kodi 17.6 comes out and everything works perfectly. Try changing it with

    monte -o ski lift, rw / flash.

    But I'm still the same. Has anyone had the same?