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    iam having some problems with my raspberry and want to upgrade to a Intel NUC 8i3BEK. But before that, I want to test Libreelec on an old MediaCenter PC with an Intel i3-2100 CPU.

    Now some media files do have some kind of slowdown while playing. Sound is playing fine all the time, but sometimes for like 2-4 seconds its slowsdown and is kinda laggy. Never had that with the Pi. The Files comes from Plex with PlexKodiConnect Addon.

    The PC is connected via HDMI to an Denon X2200W. Using Libreelec 8.2.5. I alread tried changing this setting to automatically use the refresh rate of the source, that makes everything worse. Media runs faster and with hickups with this setting. Same with sync media with audio. Iam afraid, that these problems will also occur with the NUC. Any Ideas on that or is it just the CPU and my concerns are unfounded?